QR Code + NFC Technology in 1 sticker

#1 phone accessory of 2021?

What You Get With QRPOP:

  • Free shipping world wide to 98% of the countries
  • 1 Payment lifetime use
  • Direct users anywhere you want instantly
  • Unlimited use
  • Usage feedback
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  • Free use of MyContactApp.Net, 2k credits & Instant QR Pop updatesy
  • All login details will be sent when your order is processed
QR Pop is powered by MyContactApp.netQR Pop is brought to you by ARK Loyalty, a non for profit dedicated to fighting poverty. We believe we all should Show Love First, 1by1 Always Return Kindness, that’s ARK Loyalty.

MyContactApp.net Includes: 

  • Digital business card maker 
  • Short link creator
  • QR Code maker
  • Contact card maker vcard generator patent pending for unique black book content delivery system
  • Free lifetime support
  • Sms Marketing
  • Redirect users to one of multiple domains
  • Access to your own marketing SMS phone number 
  • access to simple tutorials
  • Embeddable customizable contact form
  • Free updates
  • Worlds first contact card file exchange 
  • Peace of mind knowing you can truly connect with anyone
  • Social Sign up a phone number so you can keep your privacy
  • And much more..

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